Monday, January 5, 2015

Tortilla Thieves

November 10, 2014

Hello Everyone :)

We had a great week here in Lazaro Cardenas. Eric was baptized along with one of his friends, Jose Manuel, that was taught by the sister missionaries in our ward. Erics wife Alejandra liked the baptism and all but said she thinks that the baptism seems a little dangerous!! One of Eric´s friends from the ward baptized him and it was a pretty violent dunk. haha. But we are hoping that Eric will be able to baptize his wife this weekend or the next. I found another Edward Del Toro look alike. He is one of our investigators who is preparing to be baptized at the end of november. He looks just like my dad!! Ill take a picture with him soon and send it home.

So we have had some thieves in our house!! We woke up the other day to find a package of tortillas ripped open! We sleep with our back door open because its pretty hot and the rats came in and ate our tortillas. Thats just disrespectful here. You dont just go around and eat another mans tortillas!! We are going to by some mouse traps today.

We are staying busy and working hard in here Lazaro Cardenas!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes :) Ill be sure to eat lots of mexican candy for all of you!
Have a great week!!

Elder Del Toro

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