Monday, January 5, 2015

French Toast or Bust

January 5, 2014

Yooohooo!! Hello family!

Same story, different monday. Everything continues to go well here in Lazaro Cardenas. We were only in our area 3 days this week but it was actually one of our best weeks we have had here. The work continues to progress. We have a baptism scheduled for the 24th of January for a lady named Alicia and for the 7th of february for a lady named Josefina. Alicias husband is playing hard to get with this whole baptism thing but we are hoping that he will be baptized on the 31st of January. If our plans go good I think we will just leave the water in the font for 3 weeks!! :)

Elder Raya and I went over to a members house on new years morning and made french toast. Elder Raya tried to tell me that that doesnt fly here but I was persistent... I dont think they really liked it :P I think they probably pulled out the beans and tortillas when we left. But I ate 6 pieces so I was happy. We got invited over for a special lunch later that day and they grilled some huge fish. We ate dinner with a family later that night and they gave us tomales. Gotta start the new year off right, right?

Pedro Fernandez (the guy who was baptized last week) is doing great. He came with us twice this past week to visit some of our other investigators. He is a reading machine. I think he already knows more than my companion and I combined. He said that he talked to his mom on the phone last week and she asked him if she could have his cane that he used to use as a souvenir. He told her sorry because he had already given it to Elder Del Toro! She was sad but saw that it was only fair. He had used it for 18 years and took it everywhere. It even breaks down into two pieces for an easy to store feature. Im pretty proud of it if you cant tell :)

All is well my friendcitos!!
Have a great week!

Elder Del Toro

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