Monday, January 5, 2015

"Leave your homemade fishing pole and follow me" Mat 4:18-22

September 29, 2014

Hello again everyone!

This week was another good one. We found a bunch of new people to teach this week and have been seeing some miracles here in Tlaquepaque. One of our investigators, Antonio, has been investigating the church for a while now because his wife and two kids are members. Its kind of a crazy story, but he got in an accident like 5 years ago and pretty much forgot who he was.. So his family thought that he had left them but really he didn't remember who they were! so a year later he found out where they were living and went and found them! In that time his family had listened to the missionaries and had been baptized. The only problem was that he and his wife were not married so he could not be baptized until they were civilly married! And to make a long story short, the man is a newly wed and will be baptized this Sunday!!! Whoooo!!!

There is a lake in our area and every time we have walked past it I think how bad I just want go fishing!! So I asked a ton of members in our ward if they had fishing poles and nobody did!! So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Today was preparation day where we have time to do other things so we made a fishing pole!! We used a broomstick and string and a safety pin for the hook! I got Elder Calzada so excited to go fishing because he has never gone in his whole life. We even got a member in our ward to come with.. But the only bad thing is we didn't catch one single fish. I think there is a reason Jesus told his apostles to leave their nets and follow him... because missionary work is so much better than that tom foolery!!

We also did some service this week for a family in our ward. They needed a bunch of cinder blocks and piles of rock moved so we helped them with that. It was a nightmare.. My companion and the dad of this family had to turn over every single rock, kill all of the centipedes and spiders, and then pick it up and move it. It was pretty funny though. They said you look big and tough picking up rocks with spiders on them until they bite you and you die. I guess I got off easy this time!!

Love you all!!

Elder Del Toro

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