Monday, January 5, 2015

Back in the Motherland

September 16, 2014

Yoohoo!! hello family!!

I made it safe and sound back to my old stomping grounds.. When I got to the Guadalajara airport, my old companion, Elder Ormeño was waiting there for me with his companion and my new companion!! It was sweet to see him again. My new companion is Elder Calzada. He is from Mexico and has about 10 months left of his mission. My new area is here in Guadalajara in a part called Tlaquepaque. It is a pretty big area so I might be burning off some weight the next few months. Today is Mexican independence day so I thought it was very fitting that that would be my first day back in mexico, being an independent Mexican and all! hahaha.. It is hot here!! its a different heat that I was used to.. its a very humid heat. Last night I got at least 10 mosquito bites. The mosquitoes are picking on the new guy in town. I am so excited to be back! I'm sure Ill have more to say next week!! Hope everyone has a good one!


Elder Del Toro

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