Monday, January 5, 2015

A Christmas Miracle

December 29, 2014

Hello Family Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! It was one of the best Christmas I have ever had. Im sure ill remember this one for the rest of my life.

Talking to the family on skype was awesome on Christmas Eve!! It was great to hear their voices and be together again. After that phone call is when the problems started coming our way. We were at the church so we went to fill of the baptismal font because Pedro´s baptism was going to be the next day. We turned on the water and nothing came out. We found out that the water company here in Lazaro Cardenas was on strike and there was absolutely no water. But there is another chapel here in Lazaro so we decided to have it there. Christmas morning we showed up at the other church and there was no water!! So we asked the mission president if we could baptize Pedro in the ocean. He said to try to get a water tank to drop off water at the church. Well it was Christmas so nobody was working. So we called the mission president back and told him and he told us the baptism would have to wait until the next day. We were heartbroken. Mostly because Pedro was so excited to be baptized on Christmas because he doesnt have family to be with. So we moped around for a little bit and then decided to pray and then built up the courage to tell the mission president that Pedro really needed to be baptized that day. The mission president told us Pedro could be baptized in a river but we couldnt get in the water! He didnt have to tell us twice! We took off running to Pedro´s house to tell him the great news. He was very grateful and gave me a christmas gift. It was the cane that he used when he came to church for the first time. When he walked out of the church that day, he walked out with the cane over his shoulder and hasnt used it since. Its a christmas gift I will cherish forever :)

I love this work. It´s the most rewarding thing I have ever done. 
Happy New Years!


Elder Del Toro

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