Monday, January 5, 2015

Public Violation

October 6, 2014

Hello family!!

This week was a great week!! General conference was definitely the highlight of it all. I liked a lot of the talks, I cant say that I had a favorite, but Jeffrey R. Holland`s talk was the talk that stuck out most to me.
The baptism went great too!! It was after the last session of conference on sunday and a lot of people stuck around to support Antonio. He and his family was very emotional. It was so touching to watching them all crying together in a group hug. We are very excited for them. He is the whiter guy and the other guy is the Elders quorum president.

We also have been finding some great people to teach! We talked to one guy in a bus the other day and invited him to conference and by golly there he was on sunday!! We were kind of surprised but we had prayed for a miracle that morning before we left the house so that was an awesome experience to see that the Lord is aware of us here in Tlaquepaque :)

My fun story this week is with public transportation. This morning we had to get up early and go down town so I could sign my viza and in the mornings the buses are always packed because everyone is going to work and school and stuff. So a bus passed and it opened its door to let us in. All the seats were taken and the isle was comletely filled with people standing. Even the stairs were taken! But behind it all we heard the driver yell "get in if you can!". We looked at eachother, shrugged our shoulders and stepped onto the very bottom step and grabbed onto the rail inside the bus. The door closed, jamming us up against the backs of the people on the second step with my companions bag outside of the bus, and we road for at least a half hour like that, smashed between other people and the door. I told my companion it was more like public violation rather than public transportation. When the door opened I fell out of the bus with sweat pouring down my face. Viva mexico!!

Have a great week... NO!!! MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK!!

Elder Del Toro

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