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Elder Caña

October 20, 2014

Hello family :)

Another good week here in Mexico!! Im already back to the point where every week feels about the same. Our investigators are doing pretty good. This week was kind of a rough turn-out at church. We were pretty bummed the the Gutierrez family wasnt able to come but they are still doing awesome, they have been sending us with some of their neighbors so they can hear about the Gospel too.

We had a sweet experience earlier this week. We were working in a little town called Arvento (its the town that has a bunch of different colored houses) and it was getting late but we knew we had to visit one more family that the Bishop asked us to visit because we only get to go to this town once a week because it is far away. So we were looking everywhere for the house and running all over the place asking people where the street was and we finally found it and the family welcomed us in. We sat down and a minute later someone knocked on the door and when they answered it, it was a young man breathing super heavy and said "I need to talk to the Elders". So they welcomed him in as well and he said that he saw us walking super far away and was running to try to catch up and yelling but we didnt hear him but he saw which appartment we went into and followed us. He was baptized a year ago in a different state but moved shortly after and had given his book of mormon to a friend and hadnt seen the missionaries and didnt know where the church was. So he asked us for a book of mormon and when he gave it to him he gave it a great big hug and was super happy that he could read it again. He is 20 years old and said that he wants to leave everything behind and go on a mission in a year. We were so glad that we went to that last visit so we could meet that guy.

At the end of church on sunday a guy name Brother Prado found me and said that I needed to find his wife and that she was looking everywhere for me. So me and my companion hurried and looked around the church and found her and she said "Elder Caña!! We brought you your favorite treat!!". Her husband sells "caña" (cane) and whenever they feed us he brings a bag of caña home and I go crazy over the stuff. Its like a sugar cane but a different type. They said they have never seen anybody eat so much of the stuff and they thought I would be having withdrawls going a whole week without it. So they call me Elder Caña now!!

Have a great week!!

Elder Caña

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