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Ant Farm

September 22, 2014

Hola amigos y mi familia :)

I think I am doing a pretty good job adjusting to the whole Mexican thing. It didn`t take me long at all, actually. For some reason, there have been ants everywhere!! On my arms during lessons, on my bed, in our house, and one day I left my toothbrush out on the counter and they were on that too!! But I really realized how much I have adjusted back to living the Mexican lifestyle when we went to the store Saturday night to by some sweet bread to eat for breakfast the next day. I started looking at the tray of bread and there were ants everywhere!!! I was like sweet caroline, these better be two for one!! hahaha. They weren't, I paid full price.
Boy, is it great to be a missionary :) I got to talk to the mission president this week! I gave him a great big hug. He pulled me aside and said it was great to have me back and said elder Del Toro, "your companion needs your enthusiasm and love for the work, your district needs your enthusiasm and love for the work, and your ward needs your enthusiasm and love for the work... they told you that you are district leader right?" Uhh no, president. "you will do great, they need your love and enthusiasm for the work". haha. So I am trying trying to love and be as enthused as I can about the work as I can!!

Our area is HUGE!! we walk a ton and take a lot of buses. We don't have a lot going on right now but there is a ton of potential here. And the ward is pretty awesome too. Its like twice the size of the other wards I have been in, so it will be nice to have a lot of members to work with.

Elder Calzada is a pretty cool guy. He is a full grown man! 24 years old!! haha. He likes to do kick boxing and karate and stuff like that so I think we will be pretty safe! We get along pretty good so far. We don't have a ton in common but we don't dislike each other either. He does need a little enthusiasm for the work though haha. Super good guy though.

And well, thats me!! Thanks for all the support.


Elder Del Toro

A couple pictures of beautiful Tlaquepaque.
And we can play soccer on preparation days now!! We had a shootout on the goal that some of the kids in our neighborhood built. 

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