Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Saturday October 24, 2015

Hello Friends and Family!

All is well here in Guadalajara! We gave Hurricane Patricia a run for her money! :) It was actually pretty funny because we have a zone on the coast that was supposed to be the only zone hit by the storm and so they were preparing and everything and Patricia threw a curve ball and started heading up our way. I´m not going to lie, we were all jumping for joy when we heard we were going to get a piece of Patricia. I thought it would have made the perfect end of the mission story! Yesterday morning we went and bought food and water for two days and buckled down ready for the storm in the afternoon. It just rained and that was about it. There are a couple fallen down trees in the city but nothing major.

Besides that, this week was pretty normal. We worked a lot and have been having a good time with our good friends Elder Conrad and Elder Gonzalez. They have an appointment in the embassy on Monday. We don't know if we should pray that they get everything figured out or that they have more problems so they can stay with us!

Being with the new missionaries has made me remember when I first got to the mission. I have been telling them all sorts of mission stories and funny experiences and it has helped me realize how many amazing experiences I have had here. I have enjoyed some funny experiences, some scary ones, lots of spiritual experiences, challenging, sad, faith building... So many experiences that have helped me learn and grow. Sorry in advance if all you hear from me when I get home is mission experiences. I know that not a day will go by when I do not either think of something from my mission or use a skill that I have learned on my mission. I feel like this experience of serving the Lord has become a foundation that I will always be able to rely on when times get tough. I can truly say that the Lord has become my rock and foundation.

I love you all! Have a great week :)

Elder Del Toro

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