Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Gonzalez

Monday October 5, 2015

Hello Family!

This week has been crazy! We sent off all the old missionaries and got in all the new missionaries on Monday. Something kind of funny happened.... We went and picked up two american elders who got here on a later flight and then went back to the mission home for them to be interviewed by President and when we came out a couple hours later, we jumped in the van and started driving and one of the new elders said "has this glass always been like this?". We turned around and the back window was smashed in and all of the suitcases were gone. EVERYTHING they brought to the mission was gone. They both took it like men. We went to the mall and bought them new everything and had to go report the crime so they could get new passports and it was just a big hassle. They were supposed to go work in Zamora but they have to stay here in Guadalajara until they get their paperwork in to be legal here in Mexico so I was very quick to volunteer Elder Raya and I to be their temporary trainers. I´m a trainer!!!! I am training Elder Gonzalez from Mesa Arizona and Elder Raya is training Elder Conrad from Provo. They will probably be heading to their new areas sometime this week but it has been a lot of fun to be showing them the ropes this week. The first missionary I trained was also Elder Gonzalez! I´m two for two on Gonzalezes!

Conference weekend was awesome!!! I loved a bunch of the talks but one that really stuck out to me was President Eyring´s about his great great grandfather who was called to be a missionary after being a member for 7 months and then during his mission his President passed away and he became the new mission president. Later in his mission he had a dream that he needed to find Brigham Young so he went and found him and when he got there he told him he had not been called but he felt he needed to leave to find the prophet and he was willing to go right back if that was what the Lord wanted. Brigham told him that he was needed and they were looking for him. President Eyring said that there are many times when we feel inadequate but whom the Lord calls the Lord qualifies.
There have been many times when I have felt inadequete during my mission and maybe right at first of all those times I was inadequete, but looking back now, I can see how the Lord has blessed me and has helped me grow to be able to accomplish the different tasks that he has had me do.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! :)

Elder Del Toro

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