Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Convert from Stolen Suitcases

Saturday October 10, 2015

Hello Friends and Family,

It`s been a great week! I am still a trainer! Elder Gonzalez and Elder Conrad still don't have their passport and visa stuff worked out so they are still staying with us. It`s been so fun. The missionaries that were supposed to train them called us this morning wondering if Elder Gonzalez and Elder Conrad are ever going to make it down to Zamora. Poor guys! We robbed their sons!! They should be on their way down there sometime this week though.

This is kind of a cool story about their suitcases getting stolen... A policeman came to do the report that day of the accident and we were all talking to him a little bit. A few days later he stopped by the mission office to drop off some paperwork for President Egginton and told him that while he was talking to us four missionaries he felt something that he has never felt before and wanted to know more and also wanted his brother to know more about the message we share. President Egginton took down the info and sent the missionaries to visit them. The brother of that policeman received the missionaries and accepted a baptismal date and the policeman is receiving the missionaries in his home with his family. If those two Elders` things never wouldn't have gotten stolen, those people never would have been able to hear this message. Who would have thought that so much happiness would come out of stolen suitcases? Elder Conrad and Elder Gonzalez have had a rough start to their mission but they said that getting all their stuff stolen is all worth it if through it all someone comes to know of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and is able to make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father.

It`s amazing to me how our Heavenly Father works. The experiences that he gives us help to shape us and become what He knows we can become. I love being a missionary because I feel closer to my Heavenly Father than I have ever felt in my life. I am so happy :)

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

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