Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chapala "Riconcito de Amor"

March 28, 2015

Hola mis queridos :)

This week went great. Last Saturday we showed up to the baptism a little bit late but we did get to see the ordinance and got to share their food with them afterwords ;) The kid who got baptized is in the blue. His name is Jesus. It was so much fun to get to see the Gutierrez family again!

This week we stayed busy with exchanges with some zone leaders. I went to work with Elder Hernandez in the city of Chapala. Its beautiful there. It is a very popular place for Americans to retire. Their ward is about half Americans and half Mexicans. We went for a run in the morning to the lake before studies. I think I`m going to try to talk grandma Allen into retiring there so I can go visit after the mission!! :)
I also went on exchanges with Elder Creason. We had some sweet lessons and the best part is that he is a harmonica player too!! We played some sweet harmonica duets.

The work is going alright here in our area. Monserrat is still pretty unsure about being baptized so we are going to give her some space and wait until she tells us she is ready. The five people we found have kind of lost their excitement and aren't progressing but we found a few more people to teach this week and we just keep on a workin' our little hearts out. I keep losing weight! I`m down to 178 pounds. Looks like I`ll be either a 165 pounder or 174 pounder after the mission!!

The mission is great :) I`m loving it.

Have a great week!

Elder Del Toro

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