Saturday, March 21, 2015

Face Plant

February 28, 2015

Hello friends and family!

What a busy couple of weeks!! Last week on our preparation day President Camarillo sent us a text at 6:30am that said he was going to Morelia and that he would pick us up in an our. So we hurried and got ready and headed to Morelia for the day. We went to show the movie "Meet the Mormons" with all of the missionaries of Morelia and then got back to Guadalajara late at night. We planned on writing on monday but a ton of stuff came up this week and didnt have to chance to write home. But everything is ok, Mom :)

I loved the movie "meet the mormons". Its showing in movie theaters here in Guadalajara and in Morelia this week. We have had a lot of meetings and have been doing divisions with a lot of zone leaders.

Today we went mountain-biking!! There is a brother in our ward who really likes mountain biking and when I told him I like it too he invited us. My companion said he had ridden a bike before so we took him up on the offer. When Elder Balbuena said he had ridden a bike before I think he meant he had ridden a bike once in his life. We got up there and had no idea how to work the gears. He couldn´t get up the little hill to get out of the parking lot either. I dont know why we thought it was a good idea but we said he would learn along the way. A little while into the trip he got going down a hill and fell of his bike, face planting into the ground. It looked aweful. The first thing that went through my mind was that President was going to kill me. haha. But we brushed him off luckily there are no scrapes. I think that will be the last bike trip we take.

We have got some great investigators right now. They have been having some tough family problems but the Arellano family is preparing to be baptized in a couple weeks.

Things are great! Im loving my mission.
Good luck to Ethan, who is starting his mission next week. I pulled up his profile while we were in the mission offices this week and took a picture with him. Welcome to the war, Eth :)

Love you all!

Elder Del Toro

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