Saturday, March 21, 2015


March 14, 2015

Hello Everyone!

This week went great! Last Saturday was crazy busy but we ended the day with Rosa`s baptism. It was a great baptismal service and she has been super excited to share the gospel with all of her friends. Her daughter, Monserat is planning on being baptized next Saturday.

We finished up the zone conferences here in Guadalajara and on Monday we will be headed to Lazaro Cardenas to start the zone conferences in MichoacĂ n.

We had a sweet lesson the other day. We went to visit a lady we had talked to earlier in the week and when we got there there were 7 other people visiting her and they were all religious so we were excited to share a message. We taught the message of the restoration and WOW it was a very powerful lesson. After the lesson we were saying that we felt like some of the first missionaries of the church gathering a bunch of people in a house and testifying with such power. There was a point in the lesson when it was dead silent and I swear their jaws were to the floor and we were borderline yelling "BROTHERS AND SISTERS... THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE WORD OF GOD!!" It was one of my favorite lessons l have taught in my mission. At the end of the lesson there were only five of them but they all accepted to be baptized.

In two of the zone conferences this week we had visiting with us the director of the MTC in Mexico City. He was soo excited when I told him my brother was there. I wrote Elder Del Toro a little note and sent it with the director and he said he would find Ethan and give it to him.

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Del Toro

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