Sunday, July 12, 2015

God's Army

Saturday July 4, 2015

Hello Family!

Things are going great here! President and Sister Egginton are moved in and have thrown themselves right into the fire. This week has been very busy and a ton of fun. We have been showing President and Sister Egginton around and taking them to some of the zones to meet missionaries and planning a bunch and just staying really busy. I hope they are still up to this whole mission thing after these next few weeks! This weekend is transfers so it´s super hectic with missionaries going home and new missionaries getting here and starting this Tuesday we are going to travel to all the zones in Michoc├ín for interviews. It will be a week long trip!

President Egginton served his mission in Uruguay so he knows some Spanish and it´s starting to come back to him. He speaks spanglish better than about anyone I have ever met. He is super funny and he came to work! He wears short sleeve dress shirts and is planning to come proselyting with us once all the interviews are done. His wife is so sweet. She speaks zero Spanish but is trying to learn so hard! She wrote out her testimony in Spanish and every time she reads it the spirit is so strong. They are hilarious together. President tells the jokes, Sister Egginton laughs at them and we all have a good time. They are always full of lots of tears during meetings but are so in tune with the spirit. They treat us like their kids and every time they drop us off somewhere they tell us that they love us. They are dying to try some authentic Mexican food but for whatever reason we have only made it to Chilis and Chinese food. haha.

I am loving serving with them. I know that they have been called by a prophet of God just as we have and that we are doing the Lord´s work. President Egginton says that he retired from the US army but he will never ever retire from the Lord´s army. I loved that!! General Egginton is in the real war now! :)

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Del Toro

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