Sunday, July 12, 2015

A God of Miracles

Saturday June 27, 2015

Hola Familia,

Another week in the books! Time really is flying by..

It seems like things are all ready for the transition of mission presidents this week. This week has been filled with a lot of prep work but we have also been able to help our investigators progress toward their baptisms. The Murillo family is doing awesome. Sandra and Fatima LOVE the primary. They also LOVE my magic tricks :) I don't think I have mentioned it before but I've turned into quite the magician. I'm not going to lie, my magic tricks are pretty sweet. Sandra and Fatima`s parents, Jaime and Araceli, are also doing great. Jaime has a lot of health problems so we went to pick them up with members the first two times they came to church but then they told us that they wanted to make the sacrifice and come alone. Even though they are passing through tough times as far as money goes, they took two busses and showed up to stake conference last week early in the morning. They are reading the Book of Mormon every day as a family and are experimenting an awesome conversion.

Francisco and his son Javier are also loving the church. Every time we read the Book of Mormon with Francisco he is absolutely shocked by the stories and says he knows that the book is true like a million times.

Alejandra and her two sons Noel and Nicolas are new investigators that we found last week. Alejandra is a single mom that has been going through a lot of trials lately and when we talked to her in the street about our message she immediately wanted to know more. And that`s what its like every time we visit her and her family. She has a ton of questions every time we visit and just wants to know everything already. She quit her job after the second visit because we taught her about the Sabbath Day.

We have a God of miracles! He is guiding us to His children that are ready to accept the restored gospel. I am so thankful for this opportunity to share the gospel with these people of Mexico :)

Have a great week!

Elder Del Toro

 After our last zone conference with President and Sister Camarillo

 Loving the rain!

Ready to wrestle!!

The last zone conference with President and Sister Camarillo

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