Monday, May 18, 2015

Pioneer Children

Saturday May 9, 2015

Hello Everyone!

This week was a week of straight WORK!! Our investigators haven`t been progressing and we felt that the Lord is preparing a lot of other people who are really willing to act to come to know this message is true. So we kept one of our investigators and started from scratch. We have been walking all over our area talking with everything that moves to find new investigators who want to change their lives. Its been tough!! We have had very few lessons but we have been seeing miracles of how the Lord puts the people He is preparing in our path. My collars are nasty when we get home at night from sweat but it feels great to be completely drained of energy. This week I felt like one of the pioneer children that walked and walked and walked and walked. haha. I know we dont have it as tough as the pioneer children but it sure is a lot of walking that we are doing.
I love this work. I know this is Christ`s church. I`ve never been so happy in my life. I never thought that walking under the son all day would bring me such joy. But it`s all because Ive got the name Jesus Christ on my nametag underneath Elder Del Toro and I am preaching His gospel. There`s nothing like it!

Have a great week!! Happy Mother`s day!


Elder Del Toro

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