Monday, May 18, 2015

Good lookin Brother Joseph

Saturday May 2, 2015

Hello everyone!

Another good one! We were pretty busy this week planning and having the leadership counsel. It`s nice to have that over with for the month.. We have that meeting every month with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. President and Sister Camarillo only have one left and then the next one will be with President and Sister Egginton. They get here in less than two months! :P
This week we didnt have much time to work in our area. A total of 4 hours! But we`ll have a couple hours tonight to work and tomorrow after church. Our investigators are doing great. Andrea is one of our investigators that we found a few weeks ago and she is planning on being baptized during this month. She is 36 years old and has a bunch of sisters and one brother and they all live in their mom`s house. We taught them the message of the restoration and gave them a pamphlet that has Joseph Smith`s testimony in it and one of the sisters said "Wow, this prophet is one good looking guy!" hahaha and then the mom that is kind of older looked at the photo of Joseph Smith and then looked at me and said "seriously?? that`s really you brother Del Toro?!" oh my gosh we all burst out laughing. They are a sweet family and they always feed us dinner every time we visit them.
Elder Raya and I are doing great. Our favorite preparation day activity has turned into going to the farmers market to buy food for the week. We are gettin good at bargaining for fruits and vegtables!!

Have a great week!!

Elder Del Toro

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