Monday, February 9, 2015

Fire-hose Baptism

February 7, 2015

Hello everyone!!

I know i´m a little late, but that's too bad that the hawks lost.. I got a phone call last Sunday night from a member telling me that the Seahawks blew it. That´s all right though!

Today we moved! Our new house is a lot bigger, nicer, and its not pink like our last house :) haha. It was a lot of work cleaning the new house and moving everything but a member helped us and we have everything inside the house now and just need to clean the old one! It was kind of a tough day because while we in the new house, we left the washing machine running in the old house and the washing machines aren't really the same here and to make a long story short, when we got back to the old house it was flooded!! Thats alright though, we are going to go figure that our here in a little bit.
This week was pretty normal.. It was the calm before the storm I think because next week we will be traveling with the President to each of the zones in Michoacán for special trainings. There are 5 zones in Michoacan so Monday through Friday we will be over there helping with the trainings and working with the zone leaders in the afternoons.

Our investigators are great here. We have a family of four. Rosa is the mom, Monserat is the daughter who is 17, Luis is the son who is 13, and Paco is the youngest son who is 5. Rosa Monserat, and Luis are preparing to be baptized the 21st of this month. They go to all the church activities and Rosa read half the Book of Mormon in the past two weeks!

Elder Raya called me last weekend and told me Pedro got baptized!! It turns out my idea of leaving the water in the font wasn't such a bad one! there was no water in the church when they went to fill the font. Elder Raya said they didn't know what to do so they prayed and then walked outside and waved down a fire truck. They asked the firemen if they wouldn't mind filling up the font and they agreed! so they ran the hose through the church and filled up the baptismal font! Wish I could have been there to see it!

Well, my loved ones, I sure do love you. Hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Del Toro

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