Monday, February 9, 2015

Seed Planting

January 31, 2015

Hello friends and family!! how is everyone doing??

This week was a great one. It started off last weekend with a baptism! Karen and Moises were baptized last weekend by their older brother and dad who were baptized 11 years ago but just recently returned to the church. Able (the older brother) is 25 years old and is working on his mission papers right now. He received his patriachal blessing this week and loves to come work with us. We are away from our area a lot but when we do work here in our area we see miracles happening all the time. I cant say I did much for Karen and Moises, they were already taught and ready for baptism, but what I did love hearing is that in my last area, Alicia was baptized last weekend, her husband Pedro is being baptized today, and Josefina is being baptized next weekend. I talked to Elder Raya and he said they decided not to leave the same water there for 3 weeks haha.

I have learned how important it is to plant seeds. These past few months have been so rewarding to hear how the people I have taught earlier in my mission have progressed. I received an email a few months ago from the Arredondo family saying that Paty is the relief society President and that her brother in law´s family of 5 were baptized. I also heard that Ramon is doing great in the church and is preparing to go to the temple. I heard that Brother Cruz is the young men´s president in his ward. And one of the biggest miracles I have seen is that a couple from the first ward I served in are now serving full time missions in this mission as secretaries. This couple was so stubborn!! I had to remind the husband the other day of when we visited them in their home and invited them to share the gospel with their friends. That day he said he would not do it and when we invited him to pray for the strength to do it he also refused. He and his wife now wear little black name tags that say "Elder Guillen" and "Hermana Guillen". Elder Guillen says that Elder Gonzalez and I are the reason he knew he needed to share the gospel and he repented and sent in his mission papers. We are in the mission offices at least once a week and I always have to give him a hard time about that. This gospel is amazing. It truly changes the lives of so many and has definitely changed mine. This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Seeing what the seeds we plant turn into makes me want to continue working hard every day because we never know what those people can become in the future.

Thank you all for the love and support.


Elder Del Toro

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