Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to Guadalajara

January 24, 2015

Hello loved ones,

Well, lots has changed since the last time I wrote!! New area, new companion, new assignment, and a new preparation day!! Lots of new things but Im loving it.

I have been assigned to be the assistant to the President. I started with my new assignment last sunday so this week has been lots of learning and keeping busy. I like my new assignment so far! I know I will learn a lot and it will be sweet to work with the President and with a lot of missionaries. I will be the assistant to President Camarillo until July 1st when he ends his mission and then my next companion and I will be the assistants to President Egginton who also starts on July 1st. We will train him for 3 months and then I think it will be my turn to come home. My companion right now is Elder Balbuena. He is from Puebla, Mexico. He lives in the mission where Ethan will serve! He is a great missionary. We will serve together for the next three months. Our ward is called Bugambilias. Its in Guadalajara and its also the promised land, just like Lazaro Cardenas.

This past weekend I had an awesome experience. On sunday Elder Balbuena and I had the opportunity to go the the fireside of the missionaries who finished their mission this transfer. It was their last day here in the mission and it was a testimony meeting. Their clothes were a little tattered, their shoes worn down, and a little bit of a scared look on their face to go back home. But they truly looked like representatives of Jesus Christ who had done His work for the past two years. It was one of the most powerful meetings I have been in. The spirit was so strong as we listened to their testimonies that they had gained during 2 years or a year and a half for the sisters.
The next day we went to the airport to receive the new missionaries arriving from the MTC. Their shirts were very white, their suites new and fresh, and a little bit of a scared look on their face. But they also truly looked like representatives of Jesus Christ ready to do His work for he next two years.
I love this work. I cant imagine myself doing anything else at this time. I know that this is Christ`s church and I know that this is His work. I try every day to make our Savior proud and I thank Him every day for the sacrifice that he has given to each and every one of us.

Love you all!! An I hope you have a great week. My new preparation day is on saturdays so that is when you will be receiving my emails now.


Elder Del Toro

The last photos in Lazaro!

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