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March 17, 2014

Hello everybody!!

Another great week in Morelia Mexico!! I hope I serve my whole mission here. I have big dreams of a new mission opening here.. "Mission Mexico Morelia" Ah man that would be the best. The stake president and I were talking the other day and we decided to give it all we got and he said maybe before I leave, this state of MichoacĂ n would have enough members to open up the new mission. I`ve got big hopes :)

So at the beginning of my mission it seemed like I always had bathroom stories. I think I`ve pretty much got that part of the mission by now, but recently I`ve had lots of food experiences. This week I had my first experience with leche de vaca.. for those of you who don`t speak in espanish, that means cow milk. And like yeah almost all milk comes from cows right? but we are talking DIRECTLY from the cow. This stuff doesn`t come in the gallon containers. So on my mission I have learned to never turn down stuff that people offer you, they think it`s super rude. I`ve never been a fan of milk but I have learned on the mission to drink it. But oh man, this milk is diferent. It`s not really white like I`m used to and it`s just got a super bad texture.. it was like I was drinking milk with cottage cheese in it!! And it was warm!! and this was no glass of milk, this cup was huge!! But I drank it all. I almost had tears in my eyes, but I drank it like a champ. They figured out I was a first timer with leche de vaca and they said I was done for. They didn`t tell me until after that the first time you drink leche de vaca, it really messes you up. Great. So we walked out of there and a half a block later I was throwing up. And the next day was a little tough on the bowels. But I`m convinced that now that I got the first time out of the way I can handle it.

The work went great this week too! We have been blessed to have a lot of work and a lot of sweet investigators. This week I remembered a couple magic tricks, too. I can make a peso dissapear and I have a pretty cool card trick. They all love it!! It looks like we will be having a baptism this weekend with Brandon and another 2 next weekend. The Arredondo family didn`t make it to church this sunday so we are hoping that they will be baptized in april. Daniel Zamora our 76 year old investigator has been to church twice now and reads the book of mormon every day!! He has changed a ton. The first time we taught him he swore like a sailor, but now he is like a little choir boy. Awesome things are happening here in Morelia :)
Love you all!! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Del Toro

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