Monday, March 3, 2014

March of the Toros

March 3, 2014

Greetings from Sunny Morelia :)

Things just keep on getting better!! This week, the Arredondo family came to church with Julio looking just like a missionary. We gave him a short sleeve white dress shirt and a tie. That guy walked in like he was the prophet. He is always so happy to be there at church. We also had "the niños" come to church with us. They are two brothers Judà and Melchizidec who we found from some of their older siblings who are members who haven`t come for a long time. But the best was that Javier and Javier Jr. came to church. Javier is one strange dude. He recognized one of the members in the congregation and walked over there and grabbed him by the cheeks like a grandmother grabs her grandkids by the cheeks and shook his head back and forth, grabbed his hand and kissed it, bowed to him, and then came back and sat down. Wierdest thing I have ever seen in sacrament meeting. Ruben, the husband of a sister in our ward came with his wife and then when she left after the first hour, he stayed for classes and bore his testimony about how he wants to change and how he just loves coming to church. Best Sunday ever.

This saturday was a celebration of toros!! There were a bunch of people wearing masks of bulls and marching around the streets at night with people following behind playing music and yelling and what not. It felt like the homecoming parade or something!! I asked some kids in the street if I could take a picture with their toro mask. The little punks charged me 5 pesos, but it was an offer I could not refused. They did a little dance after too, so I guess it was worth my 5 pesos. I had never been so proud to be a Del Toro.
Things are going great here with Elder Ormeño and I. Last night I wrote in my journal, "The Lord is working miracles in this ward. I can`t believe I have the oportunity to be apart of it". I am so greatful that I have the chance to serve as a missionary at this time and to serve the people here in Mexico. It`s the best and most important thing I have ever done.


Elder Del Torito

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