Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can I get an "Amen"??

March 10, 2014

Hola familia :)

Another good week here in the motherland. Weeks just keep flying by for me!! It`s like every week is a day for me. But things are still awesome here.

This week we had the long awaited tacos de cabeza with the Arredondo family. Best tacos I have ever had. Seriously, I ate until I couldn`t breath anymore and then I had one more taco. They offered me the eye, but I said that I`m taking baby steps. I just didn`t like the idea of looking down at the taco and having it looking right back up at me.

Wow, I had quite the experience this week. Probably the coolest experience I have had on my mission. On thursday in the street we stopped and talked to an old guy who was trimming his tree outside. He told us that he has a little group of his own that meets in his house to study the bible every saturday so of course we had to invite ourselves. Saturday we showed up and even though everyone looked at us a little wierd, we sat there content as ever. So they started with a prayer which was a little different than I have ever seen. There was on guy saying the pray and then everyone else had their hands in the air and were saying stuff in violent whispers. I decided to say my prayer in my head. So after that we sang a song. They didn`t have books though, so we just had to clap our hands with them. That was the hardest part, we literally sang and clapped for a half hour straight. I was sweating pellets!! I thought the guy with the tamberin had the cooler job but I didn`t have the nerves to ask if I could take a turn. So all that passed and we studied the bible a little bit. We studied the miracles of Jesus Christ and his Apostoles. The preacher guy didn`t allow comments so I just sat there and prayed the whole time that he would give us a chance to share our testimonies. At the end I raised my hand and asked if I could say something. He had no problem with it so I bore my testimony that we have the Priesthood Authority once again on this earth. I shared with them how God has called another Prophet to guide his church with twelve apostles and the same authority that Jesus Christ and his Apostles had. I explained that we have been called by this prophet to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was super cool because they say "amen" a ton there and I got like ten "amens" and "halelujahs". I think that is the strongest I have ever felt the spirit on my mission. We gave a Book of Mormon to the leader and he said that he is going to read it. They said that we could come back anytime we want. What a cool experience.
Have I mentioned that I love my mission? :) It`s the best.
Have a great week!!


Elder Del Toro

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