Monday, March 3, 2014

La Rata

February 24, 2014

Hello friends and family :)

This week was such a great one!!! We are workin real hard and seeing some great progress. So this week our landlord passed by our house to take some of his stuff out from under our stairs. He came with his mom and so we were talking to her while he was taking out his stuff. All of a sudden a fat rat ran out from under the stairs!!! Elder Ormeño and I may be the hope of Israel, but definately not when there are rats involved. Elder Ormeño ran out of the house and I was three feet in the air. But this little old lady took action. She took her purse off of her shoulder and swung that thing down like Thor. The rat was still scurrying so she stomped on its head twice. Holy cow this woman is crazy!!! She picked up the rat by it`s tail and tried to hand it to me. I just put my hands into the air haha. So she walked outside, saw a dump truck and ran over there and threw it in there. What a hero.

As far as the work goes, I don`t think we could ask for more. We have had a lot of people to teach and this week 9 or our investigators were able to come to church! We started teaching a family last week, the family Arredondo, and they were there at church!! It`s the first family I have taught in my mission. I don`t know why I haven`t had the chance yet but I couldn`t be happier. They have three kids, Hasani (16) Joselin (12) and Erika (8). They are so cool!! The mom signed up to feed us next month, they said they are going to feed us tacos de cabeza... I`m a little nervous for that. I had one oportunity to try cow brains in my mission and I turned it down. Everyone gets a second chance though,right? haha. We are a little disappointed because our investigator Angel is having some troubles. He came to church on sunday but when he got home his sister got super mad at him for going to church with us and she told him if he gets baptized in our church he`s got to move out. He is 76 and his sister is the one who takes care of him so he is in a tough situation. His baptism was going to be the first of march but he said that he can`t. We are going to keep working with him and keep praying for him and his sister. This may sound terrible but his sister has cancer... so it could be possible that Angel doesn`t have to make such a tough decision here in the next few years. Everything is going so great here. The weather is getting hotter and hotter :P I`m guessing that mexico didn`t do so well in the winter olympics, it`s never winter here!

Love you all,

Elder Del Toro

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