Monday, January 6, 2014

Que Padre!!

December 30, 2013

This week was so good!! I got to talk to my wonderful family on christmas!! It was the best christmas gift ever :) Christmas and Christmas Eve were so cool as a missionary. We had lessons with quite a few members and we went and sang christmas hymns for people. It felt so good to make some people smile with our christmas hymn and off tune voices. We sure did sing our little hearts out though!!

This week was the baptism of Pedro!! Ah man it was such a cool experience. Pedro never had the chance to come watch a baptism with us and he really didn´t know what to expect. The days leading up to his baptism were filled with so many questions. He thought that when he was in the font someone was going to ask him a question and then dunk him and hold him down for a couple minutes and when he came up he would have to answer it haha. He had so many different expectations of what the baptism would be like, and everything was so great about his baptism. He ended up wearing white pants shirt and tie instead of a tunic for his baptism.. thank goodness!! The best part is when he came out of the water he was sooo happy and started to laugh and yelled "que padre!!!" which litterally translates to "how father!!" haha but it means "how awesome". So many people from his family came to his baptism and to his confirmation the next day at church. Everyone in his family really liked it and are going to start hearing more from us :)

Ramon´s aunt had an accident and he had to go to Guadalajara this weekend so we are hoping he comes back soon and is ready for his baptism this saturday. We are prayin hard!!

We also got water back on saturday!! it was for sure a christmas miracle :) now I just feel all spoiled with showering in our own house and all. I´m just hoping I have another transfer here in Prados to enjoy it!!
Elder Gonzalez turned 20 this week too! The other american elder in our ward and I through him into the air while singing "for he´s a jolly good fellow" the morning of his birthday. A member also gave him a cake! a big cake!!! it served us for breakfast and dinner for 3 days!! hahaha.
Everything is going great :) Never been happier in my life :)

Elder Del Toro

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