Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Usted es misionero, verdad??

December 23, 2013

Hello everyone!!

Ah man, the mission is literally the best. I am absolutely loving every single day of it. Things are going really great here in Morelia :) We still don´t have water but yesterday I told our landlord that we are going to move if he doesn´t get us water today, so hopefully we get water.. if not, I´m not exactly sure if we are aloud to move. But it sure got him moving, he came to our house this morning to talk things over and promised that he would send a plummer our way. We have lots of hope!! Since we can´t use the bathroom in our house, the plants out back get plenty of watering. And two times this week while we were out in the street I had to take off running for the closest bushes. Nobody in Morelia is going to have to water their plants if we don´t get water back soon!!

We are way stoked for our investigators right now!! Pedro gave up smoking and drinking and will be baptized this Saturday. Ramon decided to leave his girlfriend and is still planning on being baptized the following Saturday to start the new year off right :) We are so happy for Pedro and Ramon. They have truly become converted. Ramon told us that everyone keeps asking him what happened to him because he looks so much happier. He tells people it´s because he got a haircut! hahaha. Pedro is still planning and wearing a tunic for his baptism. we will see what happens this week haha.

We were in a store today checking out watches and we were chatting with the guy and he asked me "Usted es misionero, verdad?" or "you´re a missionary right?" and I was like yeah we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have you talked to missionaries like us before or something? He said "no, I knew becuase I could hear your american accent". I said ahh the name tag and white shirt wasn´t what gave it away?? We both had a good laugh. Hopefully by the end of my mission my accent won´t be what gives it away that I am a missionary.
Feliz Navidad to everyone :) may you remember the the most important gift that we have received, the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Elder Del Toro

 Our gifts wrapped up and ready to be gifted at the gift exchange... Out of 50 elders who were there from our two zones I received Elder Bowen's gift!!! I was so pumped! It is a rice heat pad :)

 The district, with two elders missing

Feliz Navidad de los DelZalez :)

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