Friday, January 31, 2014


January 27, 2014

Hello Everyone!!

This week went by super fast!! The weather has been hot, our investigators are doing great, and we are staying super busy.
This week we were talking to a guy who called us fanatics.. We were talking to him a little bit and he said yeah he wouldn´t mind hearing our message but he just doesnt want to become a fanatic like us. At first I was kind of offended.. I said no, we really aren´t fanatics, we just love to share the gospel! And he said, "everything about you guys screams fanatic. You leave your houses to do this mission thing for two years! you wear a white shirt, tie, and name tag everyday! and you walk around all of mexico all day every day!!" and then I was like, wow this guy is kind of right.. Who in the world would do all that stuff? I have decided that I am a fanatic afterall. I am a fanatic because I know this message is true and I know that the whole world needs it. I am one happy missionary fanatic :)
This weekend I have been with my two american zone leaders because Elder went to Guadalajara to sign his visa. Its super rare for two americans to be companions together but on top of that, for a third american to be on divisions is crazy talk!! So today has been a pretty sweet p-day. We started of our studies this morning by singing the national anthem. I think I have been speaking more english these last couple days than I have my whole mission!! And we decided to do it right and go out to eat rib eye steaks today. We also went ice skating today. Days like these I just want to say ´Murica!
The work is going great here. We have been finding a lot of new investigators to teach. We have a lot of cool people we are teaching, including a buddist named Eugenia!! It´s pretty cool to talk about what other people believe as well. This lady started hearing from the missionaries in 1992 and said she has heard from over 20 pairs of missionaries and finally this week she said that she would be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints :) It´s crazy because we ran into her by running into her sister in the street who asked us to help her move some heavy stuff in her house. Crazy how things like that work out. We are super excited for Eugenia to continue to prepare for her baptism.
Man, do I love this whole mission thing :)

Elder Del Toro

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