Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Right back with Dad

February 3, 2014

Hello Everyone!!

First of all, GO HAWKS!! haha. We were walking last night and someone had their door open with the game on... so we decided to talk to them. It was a 21 year old kid who is way cool and I know his grandma because she is a member who lives in my last area. We got to see the score of the 3rd quarter AND we have a new investigator!

I think I could write a script and copy and paste it every week. It would say "Wow, this week flew by" and "I love my mission!!!". That`s what I think every week while I am writing. But this week was pretty special because I got to see my dad, Ed Del Toro!! Ok not really, but this guy Jose Avalos look EXACTLY like my dad. He is one of our investigators and this week I showed his family a picture of the Del Toro family and they couldn`t believe how much my dad looks like Jose!! His 5 year old son was so confused of why his dad was in the picture with my family. Jose and I stand next to eachother and show people the picture of my family to everyone. I feel like I`m right back with my Dad :)

The work is going so great here. We are having more success than I have had in my whole mission. This transfer has been the planting transfer. We have been working so hard and the Lord has put so many people in our path to meet and teach. We are hoping we will both be here the next transfer for the harvest :) We are already planning March Maddness, right now we have 8 people with baptism dates for the month of march. We are working super hard to help them all prepare to make this covenant with their Heavenly Father . Elder Ormeño and I have been seeing so many miracles here in Morelia. The Lord is truly working with us to serve His children. I love the mission :)


Elder Del Toro

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