Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16, 2013

Hello family and friends :)

Oh man, Mexico is so great!! I think I am starting to get some serious mexican pride. I am loving the culture and the people more and more each week.

So we are at day 19 without water or something like that. We had water last saturday and sunday but other than that we have been enduring our trials :) This week we got to do a lot of service! We painted a gate for an hermana in our ward and friday we swept our street for almost a whole block. We have every friday now to do community service for two hours. And it´s the only time that we can contact people in the street so I really like that part about it too :) People were way confused of why we were sweeping their part of the side walk and asking them if we could sweep their entrance. We got to know some of our neighbors a lot better. Service just opens peoples hearts! This week we were at the bishops house teaching his him and his wife and we started to hear screaming. It was his daughter locked in the bathroom haha. The lock was jammed from the inside and the outside and poor Caren was stuck in there. After about 10 minutes elder G and I were able to bust the lock with two screw drivers. Our bishop was just about to have me kick the door in hahaha. Caren thinks we are the best now, and wants to be a missionary some day.  We made gifts today for a gift exchange that we are going to have this week as a mission. I made a pretty good looking pillow case :) It is blue with white starts and moons and on the side it says "Did you pray?" in spanish :) Our relief society president helped us with our projects. She said that she might be able to help me make some shorts with the left over material next p-day :)

This week we had such an awesome lesson with Ramon. He has a girl friend that he stays with sometimes so he knew he wasn´t ready to be baptized but we talked about the law of chastity and how he needs to either marry the girl or start living the law of chastity and he said he was going to figure everything out. He said the closing prayer and after he finished, he stood up and said that he would be the first baptism in our church in 2014!! Elder G and I almost cried. haha we were so emotional. we have been teaching Ramon for so long! like 3 months Elder G got here. Ramon is such a good guy, he has attended church 9 times already and has an awesome testimony. That day when he accepted to be baptized was one of the happiest days of my life. Ramon has been one of my favorite investigators and we had gotten really close with him. I wrote in my journal that night, "my joy is full". I have never in my life felt so much joy. I absolutely love serving the Lord as a missionary :)

Hope all is well with everyone :)

Elder Del Toro

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