Monday, December 9, 2013

Querido Juan

December 9, 2013

Hello family and friends!

Elder Gonzalez and I had another good week in Mexico. A lot of really good things happened this week! We got our water back yesterday!! And we now have a brand new boiler! But even better, we received a bunch of references this week and Pedro and Ramon are just about ready for baptism. They are both clearning up a couple things but they have been progressing so much and they both said they want to be baptized pronto. They funniest thing is that Pedro wants to be baptized in a white tunic, like the greek gods wore. hahaha he has some crazy ideas but we will try to make every accomodation we can to help him feel comfortable. My poor companion received the "Querido Juan" (Dear John), or in other words his little lady called it off. He has handled it like a man, but we are still going to burn the tie that she gave him. I think that will make us both feel better :)
This week I was also asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting. We called our Bishop saturday night to see if he needed anything and he told me that I would speak in church. I was asked to talk about Activation in the Work of Salvation. I read the first line of the Hymn "The Spirit of God"... Like a fire is burning apears the Holy Spirit of our Grand Creator (rough translation). I related this to my days in Tacoma steel.  I worked with a torch cutting scrap for the whole summer and learned quite a bit about steel. I spoke about how are a lot like steel haha. Steel has to be heated to about 2000 degrees celcius before it can begin to melt, this is done with the flame. When it reaches that temperature it turns bright red and at this point you pull the trigger for the oxygen. It is much different than air because air only has about 97% oxygen and the rest is other gases. When you spray the pure oxygen on the melting steel, the steel basically starts to burn itself because the oxygen is feeding it the fuel that it need to continue to burn. The steel keeps melting as you spray the oxygen where you want to cut, you don´t need to keep burning each spot on the steel. Oh man the congregation looked so confused after I got done telling them that. Members of the church are like the spot in the steel that we begin to heat up. The flame is what we need to build our testimony, reading the scriputres, praying every day, attending church, etc. And when the steel begins to melt in that one spot, or when that one person has built up their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you spray the oxygen, or you share your pure testimony, you give the other people what they need to feel the spirit and begin to burn in their hearts of our Savior. The thing is that if you spray pure oxygen on steel, it doesn´t do anything, and if you heat up every part of steel along where you want to cut it just doesn´t work, but when you have heated up one spot and then begin spraying the oxygen, it is all just so beautiful :) It is the same with us, we have to have our own testimony before we can help out those who are around us, and when we have that testimony we share it with others to help them grow in the gospel. Activation :) By the end, I think the majority of the people got it haha. You might wonder how but maybe it was just a "you had to be there to get it" kind of a thing.
I love this whole mission thing :) I know that I am a son of God and that He loves me. I know that I am sharing the Gospel with other children of God to bring them eternal happiness.
Thank you all for the support you give me.


Elder Del Toro

 Mexico has their OJ Simpson too
 I got my shoes shined :)

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