Monday, August 5, 2013

Royal Flush

Hello everybody!

Another great week in Morelia Mexico!! I love this place. This week started off with a ton of rain. We were walking in water up to our ankles on our way home. And the worst thing was I fogot my raincoat that day. That is the most rain I ever been in for that short amount of time. There was also hail that hurt my cabeza too.
Patience is a virtue. I am working on it every day.  Since that Wednesday we got so much done. It made me realize how much it really matters getting along with your companion. We are teaching a lot of lessons, I am grateful for all the people who are willing to hear the good word.

I love my family! This week my favorite lesson was with Hermana. She is about 60 and her husband has been a member his whole life but she still hasnt been baptized. During the lesson I remembered I had my photo album. I pulled out the picture of the Del Toro fam and told her about each of us and how much I loved each one of them. I then pulled our a picture of the temple. I explained how much comfort it brings me knowing that since I am sealed to my family with the Priesthood, I can live with them even after this life. I am such a baby when I talk about my family, Im sure it was hard for her to understand my Spanish before, but once the tears came Im sure it was a struggle to understand me. I explained to them that her getting baptized is just the first step to them being able to be sealed for all time and eternity. I hope she can come unto Christ.
I swear I will never comment about anyones driving in the states. Holy smokes! The other day we were riding in a combi and I had to stand cause all the seats were all taken and while we were driving he came to a sudden halt and I got slammed into the front of the combi. Those drivers are wreckless. Everyone is wreckless, I cant believe there arent more accidents.

We have english classes this week! the first week I was here I was saying a word in english to Elder Elizondo and a man stopped us and asked if we were doing english lessons. We look at eachother and back at him and said yes. We have been getting things organized and wednesday and thursday will be the first classes. Hopefully it goes well!

So today we were eating at an investigators house and I had to use the restroom. I didnt know if they had one or not but I really had to pee so I asked and they led me to the bathroom. It was a curtain for a door and they handed me a couple wads of toilet paper. I went ahead and peed in the toilet and then realized that there was no flusher!! I then realized that this toilet wasnt even hooked up to plumbing!! so I found a bucket and filled it with the hose and poured it in... nothing, just more full. So I tried to wash my hands, the sink wasnt hooked up to water either. So I walked out and asked Elder Elizondo what to do. I then heard someone go in there and pour a couple more buckets in. Im still not sure how it works but I am grateful that I didnt have to go number 2.

Im loving the work. Time is going by fast and Im understanding more and more spanish every day.


Elder Del Toro

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