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August 12, 2013

Another great week in Mexico!

This week was full of adventures, hard work, and some good times. I cant believe Im already two months into the mission, it feels like I just left.

So our English classes were... mas o menos. We had 7 people in attendance both times haha. But it is super fun and we have a kid in our class who makes me laugh so much. He is 8 years old and his mom drops him off for the class and he is always trying to get me to help him beat levels on his Play Station Portable.
I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the zone leader this week.. Wow, what an awesome missionary. I learned so much from him in that day. His name is Elder Wilhelm.. He is way tall, another white missionary, and such a spiritual guy. It was nice to speak a little bit of english too. I did have another crazy bathroom experience while I was in his area. We were at a meal appointment and after we ate I asked if I could use their bathroom. I walked in there and started unbuckling and the shower door slid just a little bit. I was like woah.. thats wierd. But the glass looked like if there was someone behind there you could see them. So I unbuttoned my pants and it slid a little bit more. I just stared at it for a minute and then slid it open and their daughter was in there playing hide and go seek. It gave me quite the scare. So I went and got her dad and he pulled her out of there. Thats not even the worst part though. I was so frazzled that I didnt even check if there was toilet paper. so when I was ready, I looked at the roll and it was completely out. My heart sunk. I kind of squated over to the sink and under it I was able to find some baby wipes. Whew. What was a terrible bathroom experience turned into one of the best bathroom experiences I have had since I was a baby!!

Great news! We have a baptism this week!. I am so excited for her. It is set for this upcoming saturday. She is so ready to be baptized, she loves the gospel and has such a love for our Savior and his Atonement. It is amazing, we hardly did anything as missionary. Really, we just introduced her to the gospel and she just took off from there. A couple other people we are teaching a ready for baptism too, one is a girl who has a dad who wont give her permission. The other one has a testimony of everything but is having a hard time making a commitment. We invited both of them to the baptism and I am hoping that gets them excited about the Gospel.

I also had an interview with the Mission President this week. What an awesome hombre. He is so nice and just talking with him made me want to keep working hard. And my spanish was at its best in the interview too! He told me he can tell that I love my mission and that I am working hard.

So about the email subject.. We held the family home evening for the ward this week and it was super fun. At one part it was my turn to explain a little bit about the book of mormon. I was feeling pretty good, my spanish sounded ok and then I started talking about the Nephites and Lamanites and how they faught and said, "Los Lamanitas y Nephitas tuvieron muchas gueras"... All of a sudden the whole ward burst into a laugh and I was standing there in front of everyone super confused at what was funny. So I just gave them a cheesy grin and when they stopped I finished up my part. After, I went over to Elder Elizondo and asked what was so funny. I meant to say they had a lot of wars. wars in spanish is guerras. What I said, gueras, means fair women... back to being a gringo. I dont think they are going to let that one go for a while.

Hope everything is going well back home! I love and miss all of you!


Elder Del Toro

P-day at the zoo 

Elder Del Toro's favorite caption for this photo, "Who wants to get baptized?"

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