Monday, August 26, 2013

Lucha Lord

August 26, 2013

Another awesome week in Morelia :) I love this place so much. This week was one of the tougher weeks we have had but you gotta taste the bitter before you can know the sweet, right? Elder Elizondo and I had a little talk again in our weekly planning session. I had been making a list of all of the names of members in the ward and organized it by colonias (sections of the city) and he said we arent going to use it because we have plenty of members to teach. I had been working on it every extra minute I had so I was a little upset when he said we arent going to find inactive members like that. So we are trying to find a happy power balance right now. I think we are both trying to take the bull by the horns and there is only room for one, so I´m kinda taking a back seat right now. I love to work though. I swear every night I fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. We are just dead tired at the end of each day.
Earlier this week we found some members in the ward that havent been to church in a few years. They are by far my favorite lessons. We found this guy and when we knocked on his door, he invited us in and then walked out the door. We were super confused. So we just went and sat down on his couch. He came back with ice cream sandwiches for us and was so happy to have us in his home. He showed us his new sound system too! Hahaha he blasted some American music for a little bit. Once we got going with our lesson he remembered that he had his Book of Mormon upstairs. He went and got it along with a journal that he had wrote in. He had notes from every single sunday at church for like a year. His books had a lot of dust, it had been 3 years since he went to church, but when he was reading through his journal I could just see that he missed the light that he had at one time. We just watched him for like 5 minutes flip through pages and smile. I love visiting inactive members. When we visit them they remember the happiness they had and I think more often than not, they just kind of stopped going, not for any reason. My testimony has grown so much this week. No matter how long it has been, someone can always get back into the Gospel. They can feel that same happiness that they have been missing.
So I am kind of a Lucha Lord down here. It is super funny because when I say I used to wrestle, people automatically think sweet mask, spandex, and hitting people with chairs and baseball bats. So I have to explain that its kind of like that but a little different haha. At church there are like 4 guys who always get in their wrestling stance and start circling me. I keep telling them they are lucky that I dont have my Lucha mask.
I have been working hard on walking on my hands. Elder Bowen and I started to learn the last week we were in the MTC but we could only make it a few feet. I try to make my morning workouts fun so this week I held the olympics. I was the only contender but every morning I would compete in a few events. My highlight event was definately the ¨"Walking on your hands for as far as you can go event" This one is for sure my favorite. I made it from the baseline to the free throw line on the opposite side of the basketball court. I cant wait to tell Elder Bowen.
All is well with me. I love every day of the mission and I think I am starting to speak some decent spanish :)


Elder Kadyn "The Lucha Lord" Del Toro

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