Monday, July 1, 2013

"I'm Half Way There, Woah, Livin' on a Prayer"

Why hello family and friends :)

I am one happy boy! I just love being a missionary. This week has been a little tougher but I just keep taking it gym time to gym time, p-day to p-day. I've got awesome news!! I got my Visa!!! Elder Bowen and I are the first ones to get our Visas from our district. We found out Tuesdaymorning and 3 hours later we were on a bus to Salt Lake. I kind of forgot that life goes on outside the MTC. There were cars, fast food places, stop lights.. It's almost like nothing has changed since I left haha. But it was sweet to get off the campus for a few hours. At the Mexican Consulate in Salt lake we just sat around for a while and then talked to a lady for a while, took a picture and finger scans and drove back. While we were waiting I got talking to this guy named Raul. He was from Peru, 22 years old, and was there for his wife who was getting her papers. He was such a cool guy, he has been here for a few months so his English was about as good as my Spanish. We had some really good conversations in Spanglish but before I knew it there were 6 other missionaries around us trying to find out more about him and trying to tell him about La Iglesia de JesuCristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias. Utah missionaries... gotta love them. But I got to tell Raul a little about what we do and what our church is about and practice that Spanish. he was a huge help. probably one of the highlights from my week.

I also got a photo album from Jenna this week! She sent me a bunch of our family pictures that we just took. I prayed with you guys a couple times this week haha I think Elder Bowen thought I was weird. It was super funny, I was introducing Elder Bowen to the family and he saw Nicole and was like woah how old is she!? and I was like Elder she is 14... and then we got to Jord and he was like oh man how about her?! she is almost 21 Elder.. And then we got to a picture of Jenna.. We looked at each other and I said Elder Bowen don't even think of it. Hahaha.
We have two new investigators this week! Jose and Vicente. We are making really good progress, and our Spanish is improving every week. We really focused on the plan of salvation. I think that is my favorite thing about this gospel, that we can live with our families forever. I have such a strong testimony about that and I love to share it because I want everyone to know that they have the same thing. 

 I thought about you so much yesterday! I wish I could have been there for your birthday. I love looking through the pictures of you guys. My favorite page is one with you and Dad and then on the other flap it is one of our whole family. You and Dad look so happy and our family looks so great! love you guys so much, I realize it more and more each day. I think I've got the best family ever.

That sounds way too hot in St George!! It sounds like I got out right in time!! 

Mom, I seriously am the happiest missionary. I love being out here and doing the Lords work. It sometimes hard to stay focused because we aren't really doing the real work yet but I just keep trying to remember that the preparation is the most important part. I am so excited to get to mexico and start serving people. I am aching to just go talk to people and tell them about the gospel. The lessons are fun but it's just not the same because you know they already are members and return missionaries. 

I like to play the piano on Sundays! We had a really cool fireside on Tuesday, It was by a lady who writes a bunch of songs in the primary book and hymn book. She wrote all the classics. We sang them and I think almost every missionary was crying. It was so spiritual. I swear, everything reminds me of you. You are such a good mom.

I love all you and thank you for the support. I'm half way done with the MTC now! So stoked! I keep thinking about music from the real world and think of the best Mormon lyrics... That's what inspired the title of the email.


Elder Del Toro

 MTC Classroom

 Elder Del Toro and his companion Elder Bowen

Elder Del Toro and his companion Elder Bowen

Elder Del Toro and family friend Mary Blackner ran into eachother at the MTC.

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