Monday, July 15, 2013

I am going home... to the land of my forefathers

I got my travel plans!! I depart Monday the 22 at 4:30am. I finally get to go home to the land of my forefathers :) Elder Bowen and I will be flying all day. I'll send a picture of my travel plans, but we are going to Dallas, Atlanta, and then to Guadalajara. We won't get there until 8pm.. it's going to be a long day for us and whoever sits next to us on that plane haha. We are super stoked to talk to people in the real world and get out there and do some teaching!

I heard something really funny this week... Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.. wisdom is knowing that you don't put a tomato in a fruit salad. I know both of those things so I think I am a pretty wise guy :)

I feel like I don't have a whole lot to say this week! Just another week in the MTC! By the end of your stay here, every day feels the same and time just goes by so fast. I have been learning so much though. My spanish is coming along great! I can't wait to start speaking it every day. I discovered caffeine free Mtn. Dew in the bookstore. What a find. at 36 cents per can, I've put down a few of those.

Something really funny happened this week. Elder Bowen and I were having companionship inventory but we were doing it all in spanish. companionship inventory is just where you talk about your companionship and how everything is going. basically like personal marriage counseling. So I asked him in spanish if there was anything I was doing that was bothering him and that he would like me to change. He looked down for a while... adjusted in his seat... look at me... started flipping through his notebook... and I'm thinkin, my goodness what did I do??! so I finally said "Elder Bowen did you understand what I said?" and he was like uhh yeah I think so, you asked if we were on time to all of our classes this week. I just started laughing and told him what I really said. Elder Bowen and I have companionship inventory in English now. Elder Bowen is the best. He is always laughing, always running around, and is so easy going.

At church yesterday, one of the branch president's wife told the story about John Grobergs mission. She told the story about how he needed to visit a family on an island a days trip from the island he was on. They set sail early in the morning and by the time they were halfway there, there was no wind and they were sitting there in the middle of the ocean. They prayed several times and then finally, one of the older brothers dropped the life boat and told Elder Groberg to get in. He paddled for hours and hours not saying a word, not taking a break. They made it there on time and Elder Groberg taught and baptized the family. The main idea of the story is that sometimes we need to be the Lords wind. Sometimes we aren't going to get the help we were looking for and we are just going to have to do hard things. Elder Groberg said about the story that there was no way that that man could have rowed that far and for that long without the power of the Lord. I am so excited to serve the Lord and be his wind. I know that there are people in Mexico waiting to be taught. Someone told us in a devotional this week that us missionaries are the ones who are lost. We are in a foreign place looking for people to teach and we would be getting nowhere if the Lord did not put people in our paths to teach. I just love my mission and am so excited to get to Mexico to teach.

I will be able to email again on saturday this week :)


Elder Del Toro

Elder Del Toro and his drink of choice: Mountain Dew 

Elder Bowen and Elder Del Toro... don't worry he didn't wear that shirt around

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