Sunday, July 28, 2013

Estoy Viviendo la vida loca

July 24, 2013

Hello family :)

Today is not my preparation day but my president told me to send an email home to let you know that i am alive and well and tell you how everything is going. The first few days of the mission has been sweet! We got to the airport and the president picked us up with his wife and then we went to their house and ate taco salads. It was very american haha.. but it still made my stomach a little upset :P We had some meetings that day and then took a taxi and stayed the night with some other missionaries in Guadalajara. The next morning we woke up, got ready, had some more meetings and had a crazy bus ride. The best way I could think to describe it is in harry potter when they get in that bus and the guy says "Its gonna be a bumpy ride!"... I couldnt help but laugh the whole time, it was so crazy! we got bounced around quite a bit.

Our mission got 24 new missionaries. And only 4 of us are from the US. All of our meetings are in Spanish but the president does speak some English and he encourages the latinos to learn English from their companions. So we had our meeting with the trainers and new missionaries. He would ask the trainer to stand up and then announce the new missionary. Elder  was the second trainer to stand up. The first thing that went through my head was "Ed Del Toro" I think he is exactly what dad looked like when he was younger. I knew right when he stood up that he was going to be my trainer haha. So we met each other, finished the meeting, and then took a four and a half hour bus ride to Morelia. I love this place. I have never seen poverty like this but the members just seem so happy. My new nickname is Elder Green. Im sure you can guess why. Im pretty sure they speak Spanish here but I havent really figured it out yet. They speak real fast! Our house is pretty sweet. Ive already had the chance to smash two cochroaches in our room! and the cold showers wake me right up! I am really popular amongst the mosquitos too haha :) I know exactly why I lived in the Juanita house first semester, that place was a paradise. Honestly though, I love everything about the mission so far. Elder  is super nice and Im learning quick because he only knows a few words in English. It is so green here! June July and August are the rainy months. Its a lot like Washington right now. The culture is so fun. we walked around the city for a while today and then met up with a couple other missionaries to eat lunch. First meal in the field: Burger King. hahaha. I wanted authentic but all the other missionaries wanted a burger. Oh man I almost forgot about this morning! we live close to the church so we walked over there to exercise cause they have an outdoor basketball court. I ran lines and did pushups and stuff but Elder  did the real work out! He did taekwondo before his mission so he was doing round house kicks up and down the court and kicking the brick wall and stuff. I am for sure going to take advantage of the training. Dont be surprised if I come back a cage fighter!!  He is a super good singer and is just super unique. I cant believe he doesnt have an "im a mormon video" ... I am a singer, I love taekwondo, hablo español, my name is Elder Elizondo and Im a mormon... either that or he could be in the most interesting man commercials.  We get along great. Ill send pictures on monday! Well, I am doing great, I absolutely love my mission, y estoy aprendiendo español.

Te amo familia :)

Elder Del Toro

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