Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heating up

February 10, 2014

Hello Everyone :)

The heat is starting to hit us here in Morelia!! I`m starting to have some nice yellow pit stains!! I really like having the sun though. I don`t remember a day when I have wished for the weather to be different. It`s never too hot and it`s never too cold. Morelia is the best. This week Elder Ormeño and I had some tough times to pass through. Last week we were already looking forward to our March Madness plans and this week it seemed like more of a March Sadness. Not really, because we are always happy as missionaries, but this week we lost 5 investigators with baptism dates. They dropped us like we`re hot!! We also lost our area book, the book with all the people who have ever been taught ever in our area... it`s like the book of life!! so it`s a pretty big deal if you lose it. And we lost it on Friday and this weekend we were soo worried!! but we had a zone activity in the stake center today and there it was!! So we are very relieved to have it back. I was so happy when we found it I almost cried. This week was rough, but I think it`s like riding a bike on a hill, when you ride down a hill and then there is an uphill, you just fly right up it. This week felt like rock bottom so now we are going to head straight for the top :)

We had zone conference this week and we watched a talk by the Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland and he talked about his mission and how it was absolutely the best two years of his life. He said that every good thing that has happened to him in his life is from a result of his mission!! Holy smokes!! That guy loved his mission. But I think I`m right there with him. I love this work. It`s the toughest thing I`ve ever done, but it`s the best thing I have ever done in my whole life. And I know I will look back on these days for the rest of my life.
The best part about this week was that Angel came to church with us!! He`s like seventy somethin years old but this guy is reading his Book of Mormon, saying his prayers, and coming to church. We are super excited for Angel.
This week the whole mission is going to meet in Guadalajara to have a conference with the other mission in Guadalajara. I think we are going to get to go see the temple too!! I am super excited for this week!!!
Thanks for all the support :)
Elderrrrr Del Torrrro (I`m working on my "rr")

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