Thursday, October 31, 2013

It´s late, they´re old, and it cannot be

October 28, 2013

Hello everyone!

Sometimes I feel like life just can´t get any better and then each week I feel more and more content!! Life is so great :) This week was so awesome. Elder Gonzalez and I are learning a ton, teaching a ton, and having a ton of fun.

We had some good times and some rough times this week but the good times definitely outweighed the rough. This week I really learned that obedience is everything. We had a lesson scheduled for 8:30pm so we got permission to get home at 9:30 and we brought our Bishop. Things got real spiritual real quick and we needed to go but the bishop and our investigator kept talking and we ended up getting back at 9:40 so we had to call the President. I was super nervous and I explained what happened and everything and then he started to talk to me in English. That is the worst.. He said that we had made a promise to get home at a certain hour and that we had broken that promise and were disobedient and that I need to be more responsible as a senior companion. Ah man, I felt so bad after that conversation. It was broken English and very to the point and it hit me. I just felt like crying!! haha I don´t know why I was so torn up about it. So I was kind of moping around during planning and then after, Elder Gonzalez set me straight. He was like look Elder, we were working hard and doing our best and we arrived late. The Lord knows we were trying our best, we know we were trying our best, so stop worrying so much, we are going to wake up tomorrow and keep working hard! He told me that he still had a ton of respect for me and knew that it wasn´t my fault. Wow, what an excellent guy, that Elder Gonzalez. He really picked me up and we had a great rest of the week.

We had a really funny experience this week. We went to Hermano Corona´s house to watch the Restoration video with him and his family. We started the video at 7 and they are a bit old so it didn´t work out so well. He was so excited, he invited all of his kids to watch it and everything but about 15 minutes in people started falling asleep. Every single one of them fell asleep at one point in the video. We just put our palms to our forehead and said "no puede ser". We find ourselves saying that a lot. "It cannot be" haha.

We also had some very spiritual lessons this week. My favorite was with a guy named Miguel. He is brothers with a guy in our ward and lives in a different state but happened to be there when we stopped by. He believed in God but not that we lived with him before this life or that we can return with him one day. We talked about our relationship with God and he just kept telling us that we cannot know that. We shared the scripture in Abraham 3:22-23... such a classic. it talks about how God showed Abraham the inteligences that were organized before the earth and how we lived as spirits with him. He read it putting his name in place of "Abraham" and then just stared at it for like 3 minutes. We just watched him and waited. He finally looked up and then said "wow". The lesson was so much different after that. He wanted to know so much more of what we believe and he was so shocked that we had another book like the bible that was a record of the people of the Americas when Christ came to the earth. Unfortunately he doesn´t live in our area but it was such a great lesson and he is going to start meeting with the missionaries where he lives.
We have a baptism scheduled for the 16th of November for Ramon, and Cosme the following week. They are doing awesome :)

Everything is awesome here in Morelia :)

Love you all,

Elder Del Toro

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