Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dame tú gelatina

October 22, 2013

What a great week in the Mission :) Elder Gonzalez and I are best buds. We have all sorts of energy and enthusiasm for the work. We work like dogs every day and are usually running home at night to get in on time. We are always laughing and having a good time along the way.

This week Elder Gonzalez got robbed for the first time... Not really, but kind of. We were visting a member in the ward who owns a bakery and she had given us a gelatina (jello). We were standing there talking to her at the front of her little shop and this drunk guy came up behind us and told us to give him our gelatina. It was some good gelatina so I played the ol gringo trick, I said "Mi no hablar spanish señor" and so he looked at Elder Gonzalez and Elder Gonzalez just said no, so we turned around and started talking to the member again. He just stood there for a while and then tapped Elder Gonzalez on the shoulder and said "Dame tú gelatina" (give me your gelatina) and we just kept talking. The guy stood there and then tugged on Elder Gonzalez´s sleeve and said "Dame tú gelatina!!". By this time I was shoveling down my gelatina and laughing at Elder Gonzalez. The sister told him to hand it over to the guy so Elder Gonzalez gave him his half eaten gelatina and the guy went away happy. Poor Elder Gonzalez, getting robbed his first week and all haha :)

This week was pretty awesome with the work. I had to go to two days of meetings but I learned a ton and President Camarillo, like always, said some really inspiring things. He really stressed that we should be talking to everyone. He said that we shouldn´t be talking to every person but that we should be talking to everyone. I really like that. There is a big difference. We don´t run every person down that we see and try to share a message with them but whenever we have an opportunity like in a taxi or combi we try to start conversations and share our testimonies. It is super hard at first but we have been practicing and trying to talk to a lot more people. The thing that I have realized is that I´m not talking as Kadyn Del Toro, I am talking as a representative of Jesus Christ and there is no need to be scared of someone saying no or anything like that because we do as we are told and have faith that some people are going to accept the message.

We also had some great lessons with investigators and Elder Gonzalez set his first baptismal date. We were with a guy named Cosme who was an investigator before I got here but had a tough situation so stoped taking the lessons. We went to visit him and he had changed a lot and was super receptive to our message. And the end of the lesson we started talking about baptism and how it is so important in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then I gave Elder Gonzalez the nod. The nod means to ask him if he will follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone who holds the Priesthood authority of God. So Elder G asked Cosme to read a scripture about baptism and then started whispering to me to extend the baptismal invitation. I just shook my head and gave him the A-OK. So he asked him the question and Cosme said yes!! Elder Gonzalez looked way surprised and then just had a huge cheesy grin on his face. Elder Gonzalez was super excited after the lesson and said he is never going to forget that day.

I´m loving life right now :) I am so happy here on my mission.


 Elder Del Toro

photos: how Elder G and I stay awake during weekly planning... also, I slept in my hammock 3 times this week!

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