Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Muh Cow

September 24, 2013

Hello Everyone :)

Another great week in the promised land!! I was in Guadalajara all day yesterday signing my visa and got back late last night so I didn´t get the chance to write. But all is well! I left Sunday afternoon and stayed the night with some other Elders in Guadalajara and then the next day we had to go take pictures, fingerprints, and sign. It would have been pretty boring but Elder Bowen was also there!!! It was so nice to catch up and see how he is doing. We talked for hours! One of the first things I asked him is how his family is doing.. He said, "ah they´re doin awesome! Babysittin a muh cow righ now and she´s givin em trouble, so they´re stayin busy" Hahahahaha. Elder Bowen is the best. I was also able to retrieve my alarm clock that I forgot in Guadalajara the first day of the mission. They only bad part was that I forgot my flip flops there this time :( This morning I put grocery bags on my feet for the shower. It actually worked out pretty well, they got filled with water so I poured a little soap in there and did a little dance. Probably the cleanest my feet have ever been!! But I am planning and buying more flip flops today.
This week I learned so much!! We had zone conference with the Mission President as well as all the bishops, mission leaders, and stake presidency members. We really bonded with our leaders and worked together to set some new goals. President Camarillo spoke to us about finding people. He said that we as missionaries don´t really do the finding and if we take credit for finding people we have it all wrong. He spoke to us about how if we are working are hardest and doing all the right things the Lord is going to put people in our path who are ready to hear the Gospel. I loved that so much. As we put our faith and trust in the Lord and are obedient we are going to have people to teach. This week we gained 2 new investigators! We went to visit an inactive member in the ward and her father and 10 year old son were there are interested in our message. Lucia is excited to come back to church and her father and son are very prepared to hear our message.
I am loving every day of my mission. I can´t imagine myself anywhere else at this time. Love you all! thank for the support :)

Elder Del Toro

 Elder Bowen and Elder Del Toro eating some donuts!

 Elder Del Toro in the auto on his way home from Guadalajara

"Splash flip flops TM"

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