Monday, September 23, 2013

Bulls Eye

September 16, 2013

Hello friends and family :)

It is crazy that I have been out for over 3 months now!! 1/8 of the way done already and I feel like a just got here. This week was pretty awesome. We taught a lot of people and had some good times along the way.

I find my self saying "Clasico" very often. There are just so many classic moments here in Mexico! You just don´t see police armed with paintball guns for crowd control anywhere else. You just cant find a family of 4 on one scooter anywhere else but here. Things like that crack me up all the time. But this week there was one of the more "clasico momentos" that I have seen here in Mexico. We were in a camion, which is basically a public transportation bus. There were no more seats so I stood holding the rail and I looked down and saw an eye looking right back at me. I just about puked. This guy had a baseball cap with a cow or pig eye sitting on the brim. It had been cut out and still had the flesh attatched the back and was just sitting there on his hat.. (picture attatched)... I couldn´t believe it. We were with the other Elders in our district and poor Elder Medrano the new missionary just about lost the pan dulce that he was eating. It was an instant classic. Flies swarming around and everything. I took the picture from the hip without flash so it´s not great but I think you can get the idea.

This week was so great. I think my favorite part was noche mexicano. It was a stake activity and it was so cool to see all the outfits, mustaches, and a bunch of dances. Before the activity started we gave tours to people who had never been to one of our church buildings before. The chapel in our stake center is the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is absolutely gorgeous. That was my favortite part of the tours, when we walked into the chapel and the whole mood just changes. There is just a sweet spirit when we testify of what we believe in the chapel. The rest of the night was a lot of fun as well. There were performances of mexican dances with the big colorful dresses and tight mexican pants for the men. It was so fun to see how spirited everyone was with their red, green and white. Overall I gained a lot of love for the Mexican culture.

My favorite lesson this week was with a guy named Rodo. We went to teach a family of siblings in the ward, there are 3 brothers and their sister who live together while they are studying here in Morelia. Rodo was studying for an exam with the oldest brother when we came over so he joined in with us. The lesson turned into a lesson completely for Rodo. He had never heard of God or Jesus Christ and was super interested in what we had to say. It was so interesting to hear his beliefs and he had awesome questions. Things that I had never even thought of before. It was a very powerful lesson about how God is our Heavenly Father and how he sent His son to atone for our sins. Most people we teach have a belief in God, but Rodo didn´t so the lesson was so much different than any other I have taught. We promised him that he can know that there is a God who loves and knows him personally. He doesnt live in our area so the other Elders will teach him but I was so thankful to have that opportunity to teach him.

All is well, all is well :)


Elder Del Toro

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