Monday, April 14, 2014


April 14, 2014

Que pasa mis calabazas?

This week was another good one. We had a lot of sweet lessons this week, I started taking it easy on the soda, and we have a ton of pet cucarachas.

I don`t know what`s up with all the animals here but they are just crazy. The cochroaches just keep invading us and all of the dogs hate us here. But this week we visited an investigator just in time to see him training his roosters how to fight. I had never even heard of roosters fighting but it was crazy, they drew blood!! And then another day we were at a guys house who has a huge dog that looks like it could it people. And it tries!! it loves to play by biting your arms. And the guy was like don`t worry he doesn`t bite hard, he just likes to play. And then he just told us we were a bunch of babies because he wouldn`t let his dog bite us. Hahaha. So I late poly bite my arm!! It didn`t hurt too bad but the picture just wouldn`t turn out right so that dog was chewing my arm for like 5 minutes!! but we got a good photo :)

I think the coolest part about this week was at church this sunday. Our investigator Marìa is just was excited about the gospel and LOVES to talk about how happy she is now that she is learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This sunday at church was sacrament meeting for those who want to share their testimony. The wards aren`t huge here so to take up all the time just about everyone has to take their turn. But with about 15 minutes left it seemed like everyone who was going to share their testimony had already done it. So I leaned over to Marìa and told her that she could bear her testimony if she wanted. She was like "you don`t have to be a member to share your testimony??" and I said "no way, everyone is probably dying to hear from you" so she handed her purse to her husband and marched right up there. It was one of the sweetest testimonies I had ever heard. She just expressed how greatful she was to have the opportunity to hear this Gospel and she said how excited she is because she knows it is true and it has changed her life. After her testimony, four ladies all stood up at the same time to walk up and bear their testimonies and they said how much they needed to hear Marìa`s testimony.

Everything is going great here. Thank you all for your support!

Elder Del Toro

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