Monday, November 18, 2013

Mexican Chinese Food

November 18, 2013

Hello everybody :)

This week was another good one here in Morelia. There were some really awesome things that happened. First of all, the whole Montes family attended church this week! we were super excited for that, and especially because Pedro helped us with a role play in sunday school because we taught it this week. He basically feels like a missionary. He has come with us a couple times for lessons with really old sisters in the ward and for the role play he gave to ward lots of insight on how they should go about finding people. What a great guy. He needs to attend church a few more times to be baptized but he is definately making progress :)
Our investigator Ramon is way ready for baptism but he still feels unprepared. Honestly, I have never seen someone so prepared. We fasted this weekend and the poor guy looked like he was going to pass out. He fasted for like 35 hours!! His baptism date was for this upcoming saturday but he wants more time to prepare so we just keep supporting him and helping him prepare for his baptism.
Cosme´s baptism is this upcoming saturday. His family is going to come in from out of town to be apart of it. He is very excited and very prepared :)
We are very excited because we have a lot of less active members of the ward coming again and making lots of progress. The best thing is when we lose a less active because that means they have received a calling in the ward and are back to being actives. That is our goal with all the less actives that we teach.
We had divisions for a day with the other Elders and Elder Gonzalez forgot is flip flops at their house. Poor guy had to wear grocery bags on his feet for his shower.
We also found out this week that there is only one thing worse than bad american chinese food... bad mexican chinese food. We had some real bad chinese food this week that tore us up. In one of our appointments the bathroom was right next to the living room and Elder G had to go.There were some terrible sounds. Those darn barking spiders.. We made a promise that the next time something like that happens the other companion will ask the family to sing a hymn with 4 verses to help our companion out.
Everything is going great with Elder Gonzalez and I. We have got to be the happiest pair of missionaries in Mexico.

Elder Del Toro

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